The Issues
  • New England Identity
  • Energy
  • Education
  • Growth, Sprawl & Affordable Housing
  • Connections: Transportation and Broadband
  • Health

What is the New England Futures project?

New England Futures is a marketplace of ideas for the future of New England engaging an open and growing collaboration of citizens, businesses, academia, government, media, foundations and non profits. The goal is to ensure that the region is thriving in the 21st century. Harnessing their entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity, New Englanders together will shape an ambitious agenda for action and take the steps necessary for achieving that agenda.

“We’re in peril. We New Englanders must strengthen ourselves, break historic precedent, find new and innovative ways to maximize our joint strengths, work together.” —Former Maine Governor Angus King’s message to the region
Sponsors of the New England Futures Project
New England Futures is guided by the Partnership for New England.
A Strategic Alliance of diverse leaders from the six states promotes the project, provides strategic advice, and assists with the action agenda.
Additional support is provided by an expert group of Advisors.
New England Futures is funded by:
New England Futures’ website is sponsored by:
Northeast Utilities SystemInstitute for Sustainable Communities
Photos (from left): Cape Cod boardwalk; Vermont countryside; Zakim Bridge, Boston (photo courtesy of Massachusetts Turnpike Authority)

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